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The inspiration for this book came out of a need to learn more about children who are increasingly suffering from excess worry, fear, stress and anxiety. Lisa will explore some possible reasons for this increase, the signs to look for in a child who may be experiencing a higher level of stress and a 3 step process to help a child find calm in moments of heightened stress. You will fill your toolbox with over 200 ChatterBox tools to help children practice breathing techniques while learning some fun yoga poses, gain some ideas for getting out in nature, learn ways to interact and build social skills with puppets and music, how to bring back play and explore the role of food in calming children (recipes included). All these ideas are ready to be used in your classroom. Finally, she will explore why self-care is so important for anyone who works with children and how this can set the stage to bring more calm to your classroom. This book is perfect for anyone working with children, from grandparent to teacher.
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Join the Little Chewz family as they prepare for Fall by visiting a local pumpkin patch and apple orchard, do some outdoor yoga and prepare a healthy meal. Children will learn about seasonal changes, most notably the changes that occur in the Fall, get in the kitchen with some healthy recipes, do a Fall craft and try some new yoga poses. This book is a great addition to your classroom and is fun for the whole family!
Little Chewz Celebrates fall


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